Saturday, July 7, 2012

Allow God to Take Reign in Your Life!

He took bread, gave thanks and broke it. (Luke 22:19 NIV)
In the past weeks, I have noticed in most of my conversations people are saying “how much more do we have to take? I feel like I have nothing left in the tank!” Sound familiar? With what life can throw at us whether physically, emotionally; spiritually, or financially, it can leave us asking that same question. We can count on one thing: the battle is on. We have not lost. God might be asking for a little bit more but the best is yet to come!! My word for us is HANG ON!

I want us to move towards this though: Jesus while on earth never created something from nothing.
Jesus used water that was already there in order to make wine. He used a fish’s mouth to deliver a coin to pay taxes. He fed 5000 from loaves of bread and fish by giving thanks, breaking it then distributing it to the people. (John 2:1-3, Matthew 17:27 and Matthew 14:19 NIV)

 When Elijah needed food, he approached a starving widow (1 Kings 17:8-10 NIV), who said she had enough crust left only to feed herself and her son. He asked if she had oil. Her answer was the exact same. The power of this is that God has a way of meeting people where they are by hanging a thread then asking for more rope! When the trusting widow brought her jar of oil, the oil was miraculously multiplied leaving not just enough for her house but enough to start a business and sell it for profit for her and her son! God is interested in creating legacy and establishing the power of who HE is in your family!

Two principles:

1.    The first is that surrender of what you have is always required. Had the wedding caterers not been willing to bring the jars of water, there could have been no wine. Had the little boy not given up the lunch, there would have been no family picnic. Point is whatever God is asking of you please give it back.

2.    Whatever you offer is going to change form. It may look broken and or smashed to pieces in the process, but it will be multiplied.

The resources you began with will not be recognizable to you when you are through. Their essence may be the same, but they will be multiplied.
When the Lord was serving communion, the passage was representative of Christ being broken for the purpose of the message of grace and mercy and life change that would be multiplied throughout the whole world!
Stand strong. HE is in charge!!


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