Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anchor Your Life in Hope!

Anchor Your Life in Hope!

We all face times when things don’t go as expected in life. Relationships seem to be breaking down. We are hit with unexpected expenses. The job or promotion we've been waiting for goes to someone else. Our health or the health of a loved one is challenged. We cannot depend on ourselves or those around us to sustain us during the rough times in life. But in the face of it all, we can hope in God. Hebrews 6:19 gives us this promise "… hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls" (NLT). The Psalms are filled with how we are to put our hope in God and God alone. “Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again— my Savior and my God!” (Psalms 42:11 NLT)

Hope comes from God. God’s favor and goodness give us the ability to expect great things, even when the challenges we face look overwhelming. Terri and I face the same challenges as you and we have recognized that the hope we have is entirely centered in Christ! This is not just a statement—it works. However it takes faith and focus! Making the choice to be a Christ-follower not in name only but in active relationship allows us to experience hope first hand.

Hope is not some emotional thing—it is a foundational gift that affects the way we view life. The way we speak and share life with others is a good indication of where our hope lies. James tells us to be “quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger.” (James 1:19) This a practical life lesson on how to build hope by learning from God’s Word and listening to others. Life itself will always bring us back to face the hope question. In who or what do you place your hope? Hope is a requirement in our lives and without it we can sway away from our destination and focus, and slip into a place of defeat or even depression.

We know that we are called to plant seeds of hope wherever we are and in whatever we do. We have the God-given opportunity to plant seeds in our heart first then in others every day. This only happens when you and I partner together with God‘s plan. We've got to do our part. Jesus' hope was never meant to be enjoyed alone—it was intended and will always find its greatest expression when you share the story by action and word.

No one should go without hearing about how much God loves them and the hope that He has for each one of us.

“Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal comfort and a wonderful hope, comfort you and strengthen you in every good thing you do and say.” (2 Thessalonians 2:16-17, NLT)


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